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Cory Morgan Urges Attention to RCMP Report on Rising Civil Unrest Amid Decreasing Living Standards


A redacted version of a report crafted by Canada’s RCMP titled “Whole-of-Government Five-Year Trends for Canada” has been released and it warns Canada could soon descend into civil unrest due to several factors, including a bleak economic outlook.

Canada was once known as one of the most easygoing nations on earth. Canadians were quick to apologize and polite to a fault. It was never imagined this population of passive, laid-back people could experience large-scale civil disorder and pushback against authorities. Recent events have exposed a nation frustrated with the actions of its government to the point of bringing citizens to the streets in protest, and the RCMP expects this trend to become more acute.

The truckers’ Freedom Convoy protest caught the nation and the world by surprise as thousands of Canadians crossed the country to establish an encampment in Ottawa to protest pandemic restrictions. The protest was peaceful but the government’s response was not, as the Emergencies Act was invoked and police forcibly removed the demonstrators from the streets of Ottawa. The protest inspired panic within the government, as it had never dealt with such an action from citizens. While the government’s response did bring the protest to an end, it also entrenched a distrust of the state among many Canadians that remains with them today.

Protests against the Israeli actions in Gaza have been erupting across the country for months and while the demonstrations are becoming increasingly aggressive, authorities appear incapable of containing them.

Even Newfoundland, where citizens are usually more inclined to work hard and party harder, is experiencing unrest as protesters from the fishing industry have clashed with riot police outside the provincial legislature. The protesters and the government have reached an agreement, but it could come with a longer-term cost. The fishers of Newfoundland have discovered that protests blocking the government from doing its business are more effective in getting policy changes than working through democratic channels can be. It sets a precedent that could inspire more civil unrest.

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Canadians by nature would rather not take part in protests. They would prefer to stay home with their families on the weekends and watch hockey games. When citizens fear for the safety and economic well-being of themselves and their families, though, even the most docile of souls can become inclined to participate in civil disobedience. Especially if they feel the government can’t or won’t address their issues.

Canada’s youth are feeling disenchanted and pressured as they try to establish themselves economically. A chronic lack of housing supply has put home ownership out of reach for most young people, and many are struggling to make rent. According to the RCMP report, “The coming period of recession will … accelerate the decline in living standards that the younger generations have already witnessed compared to earlier generations.”

Access to government services continues to decline in core areas such as health care and education. While the current government remains obsessed with climate change, common citizens are more concerned with trying to feed their households and find a family doctor. The disconnect between the government’s priorities and people’s needs is becoming acute.

People are feeling hopeless, and there is no indication the economic picture will be changing for them any time soon. That could lead to them lashing out as frustration deepens and people feel they have nothing to lose.

Many are clinging to the hope that a change in the federal government will bring their challenges to a quick ending. While a new government may indeed start the country upon a new course, it will take years before people see and feel improvements in their standard of living. Citizens will need to temper their expectations of a new government, because the housing crisis and health-care shortages will take years to address no matter who is in power. When people realize that changing the party in power isn’t a magic bullet, patience may end and unrest could spread.

Beyond the bleak economic outlook, the RCMP report also identifies climate-related issues, AI development, and a possible loss of Arctic sovereignty due to the encroachment of other countries as issues undercutting the faith of citizens in government and inspiring people to lash out.

Perhaps the most chilling part of all within the report is the section titled “Next Steps.” That entire part is redacted. Does it mean they don’t know what to do next? Or does it mean the steps are so extreme that they fear what will happen if citizens hear of them?

This report is the canary in the coal mine. Canadians are being warned, but will we take heed? Or are we about to devolve into a state of uncontrolled unrest?

Time will tell, and the clock is ticking fast.

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