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Cotton On Modifies Design Following Feedback of Similarity to Nazi SS Symbol

A clothing retailer has modified a T-shirt design following concerns that it resembled the symbol of the Nazi police, known as the schutzstaffel.

Australian fashion retailer Cotton On has issued a statement stating that it has reevaluated a T-shirt design after worries were raised that part of the pattern bore a resemblance to a symbol associated with the SS or Nazi police.

The SS symbol, consisting of a double lightning bolt, has been linked to Nazis since World War II.

The shirt design by Cotton On, targeted at boys, featured a cartoon character with sunglasses, each lens displaying a lightning bolt.

A spokesperson for the retailer mentioned that the design underwent a thorough review after a customer expressed concerns.

“We carefully consider all our designs, including an Ethical Design Program where our designers partake in regular training,” the spokesperson stated in a release to The Epoch Times.

“The particular product showcases a playful monster on a skateboard with lightning bolts reflected in its sunglasses.


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