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Crime on the Decline in Queensland After Troubling Increases: Premier

According to Premier Steven Miles, the crime rates in Queensland have taken a positive turn after a concerning increase.

However, Police Commissioner Steve Gollschewski remains cautious about the effectiveness of their crackdown, stating that it is too early to determine its impact.

Following the release of Queensland’s 2022-23 crime report displaying alarming statistics, the state government has allocated millions towards addressing youth crime.

This includes a $13.55 million investment to expand a co-responders initiative that involves youth workers aiding at-risk juveniles and kids on bail.

Initially operational in 13 regions from Cairns to the Gold Coast, it will now be extended to Goondiwindi and the Sunshine Coast.

Additionally, a youth crime task force will be established as a permanent operation.

Further announcements are anticipated in the upcoming days, with new laws slated to be introduced to parliament next week to combat youth crime.

Building on the success in Townsville, a police helicopter will be introduced in Cairns, followed by deployment in the Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay regions.

The recent crime report revealed a 5.2 percent rise in young offenders, with juveniles accounting for 55 percent of all break-ins and stolen car offenses.

While overall crime rates in the state increased by 11.2 percent in 2022-23, the state government has provided updated statistics indicating a one percent decrease in the past nine months.

Mr. Miles highlighted the success of police efforts in reducing crime rates, emphasizing a positive shift in the state’s overall crime situation.

He noted a decrease in youth offending by over 10 percent since the introduction of Task Force Guardian, a specialized group of detectives deployed to targeted areas.

Despite encouraging signs, Commissioner Gollschewski remained cautious, stating that it is crucial to ensure that the actions being taken are responsible for the observed changes.

Voice for Victims, an advocacy group, is set to rally at parliament on April 30 to demand action on youth crime.

The group continues to push for the removal of detention as a last resort from the state’s Youth Justice Act in favor of rehabilitation programs.

Trudy Reading from Voice for Victims expressed disappointment over the dissolution of a youth justice select committee and stressed the importance of addressing the trauma experienced by affected individuals.

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