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David Krayden: Canada Must Halt its Euthanasia Program Immediately

The Canadian program called Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) is considered innocuous, but some raise concerns due to its similarity to euthanasia programs in totalitarian regimes like Nazi Germany. The federal government has attempted to distance MAID from euthanasia due to the negative connotation of the word. The program has faced criticism for expanding to include more “eligible” groups, with the mentally ill being the next target. The debate over whether this expansion is advisable has led to division among psychiatrists and prompted some to request a halt to the timeline for expanding MAID. There are concerns that including the mentally ill in the program raises ethical and practical questions about their ability to make such a decision.

The program’s potential expansion to include those with undesirable characteristics, such as drug addicts or alcoholics, has raised concerns about its potential to become a eugenics program. The success of the MAID program in increasing death rates year by year is a cause for concern, and efforts to exclude mental illness from MAID have been unsuccessful.

The article suggests that the program should be discontinued due to its potential for abuse and its resemblance to the practices of Nazi Germany. The author also criticizes Canada for having unrestricted abortion and suggests that the country should “choose life” at every opportunity.

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