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False Report of Child’s Body at Pro-Palestinian Rally in Sydney

Israel supporters in Sydney’s eastern suburbs were seen flying kites to urge the release of hostages. On the other side of the issue, at a Sydney rally, a pro-Palestinian protester displayed a mock corpse covered in fake blood. Thousands gathered at pro-Palestinian rallies in Sydney and Melbourne on Nov. 19, with protesters chanting, “Palestine will never die,” “ceasefire now,” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine shall be free.” Israel supporters gathered in a Sydney park to fly kites in support of the “Bring Them Home” call from the Jewish community, asking for the release of the hostages. In Melbourne, an estimated 15,000 protestors gathered at the State Library and marched towards Treasury Gardens.

New South Wales (NSW) Police deployed officers and specialist police all over Sydney to manage crowds and public safety as part of Operation Shelter on the weekend. The police operation concluded following a public assembly in Sydney’s Central Business District. Australian cities Sydney and Melbourne have seen multiple protests in recent weeks related to tensions in the region.

On Nov. 11, pro-Palestinian activists attempted to stop an Israeli shipping line from entering the port of Sydney. Despite NSW Premier Chris Minns warning, the protests in Sydney are still ongoing. Palestine Action Group in Sydney are planning multiple events this week, including a protest at the electorate office of Mr. Minns on Nov. 20.

A school strike for Palestine, planned for Friday in Melbourne and Sydney, has drawn criticism. Debate continues about an agreement for the release of hostages between Israel and Hamas, with policymakers closely monitoring the situation. Positive responses related to the potential agreement have been stated by multiple representatives and figures in the region.

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