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Federal Government’s Cybersecurity Plan Targets Inefficiencies and Blind Spots

The federal government has unveiled a new cybersecurity strategy designed to safeguard its extensive computer systems and data repositories from a growing range of threats.

Released on May 22, the strategy highlights the need for a renewed commitment across departments and agencies to ensure the secure digital delivery of government services to Canadians, as online threats have evolved faster than efforts to improve cybersecurity.

The document acknowledges that the government is particularly vulnerable due to its vast repository of personal information, valuable research data, and other sensitive material.

This vulnerability means that cyberattacks can significantly impact government operations by disrupting critical services or exposing classified and personal information, potentially leading to identity theft and other forms of fraud that erode trust in government institutions and harm the Canadian economy and society as a whole.

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The strategy identifies various gaps, including:

– Limited progress in departments and agencies’ ability to detect and respond to threats;

– Insufficient awareness of cybersecurity risks;

– Varied tools and methods used to monitor systems, making it challenging to establish a complete view of security threats;

– Outdated security architecture models;

– Inadequate information management practices;

– A shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals due to high global demand.

The new strategy aims to clearly outline security risks to government systems and enhance defenses against attacks more effectively. It also seeks to bolster capabilities across agencies and cultivate a workforce equipped with the necessary cybersecurity skills, knowledge, and culture.

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