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Federal Minister Sparks Controversy by Sharing Picture of Lobster Lunch in Asia

A photo of federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay enjoying lobster in Malaysia during an official trip has sparked controversy.

Posted on Feb. 18 on the minister’s X platform profile, the photo shows a relaxed Mr. MacAulay wearing a T-shirt and sunglasses, holding a lobster claw in his right hand with the rest of the crustacean on a plate in front of him under the sun.

“Touched down in Malaysia! I’m looking forward to a productive week of meeting with officials, industry leaders, and partners from Canada and the Indo-Pacific to promote our world-class products — like the lobster I enjoyed for lunch in Kuala Lumpur!” the caption from the Prince Edward Island MP reads.

With over two million views and more than 2,800 comments, many of them negative, the photo has divided opinions, with some criticizing the minister for showcasing a luxurious meal amid food cost struggles and others defending him for supporting a key export.

Daniel Tsai, a communication lecturer at the University of Toronto, described the image as tone-deaf, especially for Canadians facing financial challenges.

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“Canadians across Canada would see the minister living lavishly and indulging in a fancy meal, all while benefiting from a trip, unlike the struggling Canadians trying to make ends meet,” Tsai said.

Instead of sharing the photo, experts suggest MacAulay could have enlisted others to promote the tour, like a lobster fisher or a Canadian celebrity.

Geoff Irvine, from the Lobster Council of Canada, emphasized the importance of ministerial support for industries abroad.

Highlighting Canada’s seafood sector, the federal fisheries department reported significant export growth in 2021, with lobster leading the way.

While some criticize the photo, others, like Ruth Inniss from the Maritime Fishermen’s Union, see it as an opportunity to boost the economy and create market opportunities.

Spokesperson Annie Cullinan defended MacAulay, highlighting his pride in showcasing Canadian products and supporting local farmers and fishers.

Experts like Stewart Prest and Jeffrey Dvorkin note the mixed reactions to the photo, cautioning against perceptions of extravagance in public service.

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