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Global Affairs Says It Is Seeking Information on Death of Canadian in Germany

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Global Affairs has confirmed the death of a Canadian citizen in Germany, after police in the Kempten district said a woman was pushed to her death last week by an American man at a popular tourist attraction.

In response to a query from The Canadian Press about the reported killing of 21-year-old Eva Liu, a spokesperson for Global Affairs said it is aware of the death of a Canadian in Germany and is seeking more information as consular officials stand ready to assist the family.

“Due to privacy considerations, no further information can be disclosed,” Charlotte MacLeod said in an email.

International media reports have identified Liu as an American who grew up in Naperville, Ill., but a Facebook profile apparently belonging to her says she is from Waterloo, Ont.

Although Global Affairs can’t disclose details of such cases, it does respond to media inquiries to confirm when it is aware of a Canadian’s death abroad.

German authorities have said that two female tourists from the U.S. were hiking near Neuschwanstein castle in southern Germany on June 14 when they encountered a 30-year-old American man on the path. He allegedly lured them onto a trail leading to a viewpoint, and attempted to sexually assault one of them before pushing her off a cliff.

When the woman’s friend tried to intervene, she was pushed off the cliff as well, authorities said.

The American man has been detained, authorities said.

German police did not release any names, but those who knew the victims identified them as Liu, and 22-year-old Kelsey Chang.

Chang survived the attack and was heading home to the U.S. on Tuesday, The Associated Press reported.

Liu and Chang had reportedly just graduated together from the University of Illinois.

The Rev. Mark Zhang of Living Water Evangelical Church in Naperville told AP that Liu and her parents attended the church and Liu’s parents told him that she had been killed.

“It’s a very tough situation,” Zhang said. “Our words are powerless. We just mourn together with them and pray for them. When one family suffers, our whole church suffers.”

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