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Government Faces Lawsuits from Hundreds of Victims of Infected Blood Due to Alleged Misfeasance

Approximately 500 victims have joined the lawsuit.

Individuals affected by the contaminated blood scandal have reopened legal proceedings against the government, citing “misfeasance in public office” as their lawyer’s claim.

The civil case targets the secretary of state for health regarding blood-clotting products imported in the 1970s and 80s that led to HIV and hepatitis C infections among haemophiliacs and others.

The lawsuit was paused in November 2018 but has been revived following the release of the Infected Blood Inquiry report, with around 500 victims signing on to the legal action.

Sir Brian Langstaff’s extensive 2,527-page report highlighted that the scandal “could have been largely prevented” and revealed a widespread cover-up to conceal the truth.

Des Collins, representing 1,500 victims as the senior partner at Collins Solicitors, remarked that the government’s actions were fundamentally incorrect and concealed, affirming the victims’ longstanding belief.

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Hence, this legal action is against the government for misfeasance in public office.

Concurrently, about 50 former students of Lord Mayor Treloar College, where contaminated blood was given to boys with haemophilia, are suing the school for negligence.

Almost all pupils at the college between 1970 and 1987 contracted infections, with only a few surviving today.

The report exposed that children were used for research without consent, disregarding the risks of diseases.

Survivors, known as the Treloar’s boys, demanded accountability and justice, urging the former headmaster to return his OBE.

In response to the legal proceedings, Mr. Collins mentioned the severity of the situation, labeling it as a deliberate tragedy.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak expressed deep remorse and vowed for comprehensive compensations to the victims, emphasizing that accountability will be upheld.

The government outlined compensation amounts for those affected by the scandal, with a commitment to address the situation.

Currently, the government refrains from commenting on active legal cases, and Treloar’s is yet to respond to queries.

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