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Humanitarian Aid Worker Killed in Gaza Air Strike Alongside 6 Others

An Australian aid worker killed in an Israeli air strike while delivering food in Gaza has been remembered as a “selfless and outstanding human being.” Zomi Frankcom, one of seven foreign aid workers killed in the strike, was described by her family as brave and beloved, deeply mourning her loss.

Her family stated, “She was a kind, selfless, and outstanding human being that has traveled the world helping others in their time of need. She will leave behind a legacy of compassion, bravery, and love for all those in her orbit.”

The death of Ms. Frankcom has prompted demands from Prime Minister Anthony Albanese for accountability regarding the air strike incident. The government is urgently investigating the circumstances surrounding the tragedy.

Israel’s top diplomat in Australia is requested for a call-in by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade over the death of the aid workers who were delivering meals for World Central Kitchen.

World Central Kitchen has paused operations in Gaza following the deaths, with their CEO Erin Gore calling the attack unforgivable. The group described the last movements of their team before the air strike and expressed deep sorrow and appall at the loss of lives.

Mr. Albanese stated that his government supports a sustainable ceasefire and expressed concern over the loss of life in Gaza. He emphasized the need for the release of hostages and the prevention of further innocent lives being lost during conflicts.

Seven aid workers, including Ms. Frankcom, from various countries were killed in the incident, prompting the Israel Defense Forces to conduct a thorough review to understand the circumstances. The IDF highlighted their efforts to enable the safe delivery of humanitarian aid.

The Australian Council for International Development extended their deepest condolences to Ms. Frankcom’s family, expressing sadness over the tragic loss of an Australian aid worker dedicated to providing food to civilians in need.

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