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Imagining a Future for a ‘Free Palestine’

Given the treatment of citizens by non-Israeli governments in the Middle East, I have doubts about the true freedom of the Palestinian people, especially women.


A protester recently shouted “Free Palestine” at me and handed me a leaflet featuring Dutch-Palestinian supermodel Bella Hadid.

Ms. Hadid has been a strong advocate for Palestine and against Israel, using her celebrity status in campaigns for top fashion brands like Victoria’s Secret.

I wish Ms. Hadid and all Palestinians the best in their pursuit of freedom, just as I wish for all people. However, I question whether people in the Palestinian territories would truly be free under the “River to the Sea” plan, especially if Jewish people were once again expelled from the Holy Land.

Considering how non-Israeli governments in the Middle East treat their citizens, particularly women, I have my doubts about the freedom of the Palestinian people.

Most certainly, a woman dressed in Victoria’s Secret attire could face severe consequences. In Gaza, such attire would violate Hamas’ “Code on Modesty.”

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In Iran, women have been flogged, and face strict punishment for not wearing a headscarf. In Saudi Arabia, hundreds of women have been arrested for wearing “immodest clothing.”
Women can even be flogged for dating, especially in public. Even in Dubai, known for its relatively liberal atmosphere, people can be arrested for public displays of affection.

Would Palestinians have the freedom to enjoy a drink or two?

Outside of Israel, people can be fined, imprisoned for a long time, or even flogged for consuming alcohol.
The right to vote, a fundamental expression of freedom, is a challenge for men in the Middle East, particularly women. In places where women can vote, their decisions are often influenced by male family members.

In any case, the hope for political freedom in Palestine seems unrealistic.

Are They Calling For a Palestine With Freedoms?

Hamas restricts political freedoms for both women and men, ruling Gaza as a violent dictatorship since 2007 and instilling fear among its own people and Israelis.

Palestinians in the West Bank also live under an authoritarian regime, with President Mahmoud Abbas overstaying his term since 2009.

Palestinian women face obstacles in finding employment, especially in Gaza where working without male guardian approval can lead to punishment. Women can even face consequences for traveling without a male guardian present.
Bill Maher succinctly captured this by stating, “Bella Hadid and her friends would run screaming to Tel Aviv if they had to live in Gaza for one day.”

When protesters chant slogans like “Free Palestine” and “From the River to the Sea,” it’s clear what they oppose.

The history of Middle Eastern governments indicates that a so-called “free Palestine” would not guarantee true freedom in terms of religion, relationships, speech, or democratic values, particularly gender equality.

It’s evident that the vision of Palestine endorsed by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority may be “free of Jews,” but it doesn’t ensure freedom for Palestinians themselves.

The ambiguous notion of a “free Palestine” benefits the autocratic rulers in the West Bank and Gaza who divert attention from their corruption and human rights violations by focusing on anti-Israel sentiment.

Free Peoples

I discussed these issues with the protester, emphasizing that the slogan should not be “Free Palestine” but rather “Free Palestinians.”

True freedom is not achievable under Palestinian governance. Real freedom is evident and protected in Israel, raising questions about the thoroughness of the protesters’ considerations.

During my initial visit to Israel, the diverse crowd at HaCarmel Market on a Friday afternoon left a lasting impression on me.

There were various individuals present, including Orthodox Jews advocating Sabbath observance, a drag queen performing, a Hare Krishna devotee sharing his faith, and women supporting their chosen political figures.

They gathered under police watch to ensure their freedoms, not to enforce an ideology or suppress the people.

Each time I hear the slogan “Free Palestine,” I recall that afternoon and reflect on the idea that true freedom for Palestine can only be achieved by becoming more like Israel.

Views expressed in this article are opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

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