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It is Time to Acknowledge that Islamist Terrorists Perpetrate Misogyny and Rape


When discussing the conflict in Gaza, the wide array of perspectives and disagreements around the world, including in Canada, is not surprising. There is a debate on what exactly is happening, who bears responsibility for the tragic deaths, and what actions the global community should take.

Many of the protests and demonstrations here have tended to place blame solely on Israel, accusing it of committing “genocide” in Gaza. There are also calls for Canada to denounce Israel and cease its support. (A group of Palestinian Canadians and human rights lawyers is currently suing the Canadian government to halt military exports to Israel.)
What is notably lacking from these protests is a focus on the initial cause of the conflict—specifically, Hamas’s terrorist attack on southern Israel on Oct. 7 of the previous year. Additionally, there are disturbing reports of significant sexual mutilation and mass rape carried out by Hamas terrorists. Despite the delay, even the U.N., not known for being pro-Israel, has confirmed these atrocities, including horrendous acts committed against Israeli women and girls.
The severity of these crimes is difficult to comprehend. Eyewitness accounts describe women being brutally assaulted, with some suffering unimaginable violence at the hands of “freedom fighters.”
It is important to question why there is not more outrage over these heinous acts. In an era where issues of women’s rights and misogyny are at the forefront, the silence around condemning Hamas for their actions is deafening.

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Hamas has denied these allegations, claiming that their fighters would never engage in such atrocities as they are “good Muslims.” However, history has shown numerous instances where similar groups have been involved in these despicable acts.
From Afghanistan to Nigeria, groups claiming to represent “real” Islam have been implicated in the abuse and exploitation of women and girls. Despite these atrocities, there is a lack of condemnation from those quick to criticize Israel for their treatment of Palestinian women.

The stark reality is that extremist groups who claim to adhere to Islam often demonstrate a deep-rooted hatred towards women and girls. This mistreatment unequivocally highlights their true nature.

The inconsistency in calling out rape and sexual abuse is disturbing. Regardless of one’s stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict, the condemnation of such acts should be unanimous. I await a clear denouncement of these crimes from Canadian and international Muslim organizations.

Unfortunately, the wait for such a response may be a lengthy one.

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