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Joly Calls for Increased Funding to Recruit Canadian Diplomats in Response to Liberal Budget Cuts

Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly is urging MPs to support additional funding for Global Affairs Canada, despite the Liberals’ plan to reduce spending across the government.

According to Ms. Joly, the United States, France, and rapidly developing countries are bolstering their staff to address the challenges of an increasingly complex world.

She emphasizes that Canada requires more diplomats if it wants to have a significant impact in the Indo-Pacific and other crucial regions.

Additionally, she highlights the necessity for increased investment in government information technology due to the growing frequency of cyberattacks.

Last week, Global Affairs Canada confirmed an investigation into a cyberattack and data breach that resulted in restricted remote access to its networks, following a similar incident two years ago.

Ms. Joly is advocating for investment despite the government’s plan to reduce overall expenditures by $7.1 billion over five years, beginning with a three percent cut on most departments.

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Ms. Joly delivered her remarks to MPs during a meeting of the House of Commons foreign-affairs committee on Feb. 7.

Senators have also issued warnings that the foreign service cannot modernize itself in the face of budget cuts.

“I sincerely hope that we can all agree on the need for increased investment in our diplomats. It’s crucial that we allocate our resources,” Ms. Joly stated.

“This is an opportunity for you to affirm that you believe in Canada’s international efforts, and frankly, it shouldn’t be a matter of partisanship.”

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