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Jordan Peterson Case: Court Decision Imminent

A decision is expected on Wednesday, Aug. 23, regarding whether Jordan Peterson will be required to undergo social media training. The Ontario Divisional Court will release its decision on that day, which will determine if the College of Psychologists of Ontario can enforce the training on Mr. Peterson, a psychologist. This training was ordered in response to public complaints about his online behavior.

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On X, formerly known as Twitter, Mr. Peterson said on Aug. 22: “I stand by what I have said and done and wish them luck in their continued prosecution.”

He added: “I tweeted and otherwise expressed my opposition to trans surgery butchery, @JustinTrudeau and his minions, and the lying climate apocalypse-mongers.All that’s looking pretty good from my end. And if I can’t express such opinions in Canada, I will let the world know.”

In November 2022, the college’s disciplinary committee decided Mr. Peterson must take remedial training “regarding professionalism in public statements,” in light of comments he made on a range of social and political issues on Twitter and on the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast.

The college’s Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (ICRC) ruled the nature of his comments constituted “professional misconduct” and that he could lose his licence if he didn’t change his tone to the satisfaction of his training coach.

Mr. Peterson refused to undergo the ICRC-ordered training. Instead, he decided to challenge the decision in court.

The judicial review happened in June, where Mr. Peterson’s lawyers argued the ICRC failed to give enough weight to Mr. Peterson’s right to free speech in its decision.

They also argued the ICRC took comments out of context.

The college argued the “professional misconduct” was in Mr. Peterson’s tone and lack of “civility” rather than the content of his statements. They also argued his comments could reflect poorly on the profession of psychology as a whole, since he identified himself on Twitter as a psychologist.

Mr. Peterson’s lawyers countered that he is so famous everyone knows he is a psychologist, and his statements were not directly linked to his psychology practice.

Mr. Peterson has not practiced as a clinical psychologist since 2017 because of his busy schedule as an author and public speaker.

The college also argued the mandatory training did not aim to prevent Mr. Peterson from publicly stating his opinions, but rather to have him “review, reflect on and ameliorate his professionalism in public statements.”

Mr. Peterson’s lawyers countered that the decision’s primary purpose was to curtail his freedom of expression and warned it could have a chilling effect on other professionals.

“Rather than face investigation or discipline, most will simply err on the side of remaining silent, and controversial debate will be stifled,” they said.

In January, Mr. Peterson wrote: “My critics have weaponized the College of Psychologists’ disciplinary process for political reasons. The college wants to send me to a re-education camp—and it should concern everyone,” he said in an article published in the National Post on Jan. 4.

Tara MacIsaac contributed to this report.

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