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Labour Could Work With Trump, According to Lammy.

Shadow foreign secretary David Lammy—who is currently in Washington—stated that a potential Labour government would be open to finding common ground with Donald Trump if he were to become the president.

Previously, Lammy has referred to former President Donald Trump as a “racist,” but during his visit to Washington, he engaged with senior Democrats and Republicans as part of Labour’s efforts to establish partnerships ahead of upcoming elections in both the UK and the US.

In 2017, Lammy expressed his intention to protest against Trump’s visit to the UK, calling him a “racist KKK and Nazi sympathiser.” However, he now acknowledges the widespread responses to Trump among politicians worldwide, indicating a willingness to align with Trump on common interests.

Despite President Trump’s current age and the upcoming election against President Joe Biden, Lammy highlighted that Trump’s perspective on NATO has been misunderstood by many. During his previous term, Trump criticized NATO members for insufficient defence spending, particularly when facing potential crises with Russia.

Lammy emphasized Labour’s potential to meet defence spending goals more swiftly than the Conservatives and acknowledged the need for increased European contributions to NATO’s funding.

Reflecting on Trump’s past influence on NATO’s growth, Lammy recognized a rising number of European countries meeting the 2 percent target and emphasized ongoing transatlantic cooperation amid geopolitical shifts in the Indo-Pacific region.

Remaining committed to working with the US regardless of the election outcome, Lammy stated that Labour would continue collaborating with the US, reaffirming the significance of the transatlantic alliance.

During his time in Washington, Lammy is scheduled to meet with key figures, including President Biden’s national security adviser and various senators, as Labour prepares for potential shifts in UK-US relations depending on the US election results.

Ultimately, Lammy’s engagement with a range of political figures and officials indicates Labour’s readiness to adapt and collaborate with different US leadership scenarios in the interest of international cooperation.

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