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Leader of the Government Proclaims ‘I’m a Dedicated Fan of Taylor Swift’ Before Taylor Swift Concert in Sydney

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A fervent Taylor Swift fan requested the Prime Minister to relinquish his ticket on the radio, but Mr. Albanese recommended that the radio station assist her instead.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese stated that he is a “real Swiftie” following a fan’s plea to obtain his ticket for the concert in Sydney.

Taylor Swift, a billionaire, is scheduled to perform on Feb. 23 as part of her Eras Tour at Accor Stadium. Her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, has recently arrived in Sydney from Vegas on Ms. Swift’s private jet.

During an interview with 2DayFM, a fan implored the Prime Minister for his ticket and even offered to help him with his campaign in exchange.

“I would do anything for these tickets. I will campaign for you. What do you want? I’m a huge fan of you, but I’m a bigger fan of Taylor,” the fan said.

In response, Mr. Albanese asserted, “I am going on Friday night and I am a real Swiftie.”

Even though Mr. Albanese did not surrender his ticket, he did suggest that the radio station might be able to help the adoring fan with a ticket.

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“I reckon 2DayFM can sort you out,” he said.

The Prime Minister described Taylor Swift as a “great lyricist” during one of several radio interviews where he discussed the pop star during the week.

“I think that the maturing of her work over a period of time that people will get to listen to tonight, from 1989 through to albums like Folklore and evermore that I really enjoy listening to,” Mr. Albanese said on ABC news radio.

Mr. Albanese said he is looking forward to the concert and noted a lot of her lyrics are about love, relationships, and female empowerment.

“I’m really looking forward to it. And I think that it’s a phenomenon that she’s very empowering. And if you listen to the lyrics of Shake it Off, they’re about female empowerment, and I think it’s a very good message for young women,” Mr. Albanese said on ABC News Radio.

Taylor Swift, 34, a 14-time winner of the Grammy Awards, is performing four shows at Accor Stadium in Sydney from Feb. 23, following three sold-out shows in Melbourne. The star will then travel to Singapore, followed by Europe for more Eras Tour concerts.

In mid-February, the icon travelled by private jet to Las Vegas to see her boyfriend Travis Kelce play in the winning team at the Super Bowl.

Albanese Gives Away Taylor Swift Ticket on Sydney Radio

Earlier this week, Mr. Albanese went on the radio and called a fan to give away a Taylor Swift ticket on the Nova Fitzy and Wippa show with Kate Ritchie.

A speaker talks to...ueenstown, New Zealand. Taylor Swift Eras World Tour 2023 .... Getty Images)
A speaker talks to…ueenstown, New Zealand. Taylor Swift Eras World Tour 2023 …. Getty Images)

“G’day Talia this is Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, how are you? I’m calling to give you the news which I reckon is pretty good news that you have won tickets to Kate’s suite seats,” Mr. Albanese said.

“You are off to Taylor Swift,” he exclaimed with excitement.

Taylor Swift’s concert tickets range from $79.90 to $1,250 (US$821.39) a ticket for a VIP package sitting in the front row. The Epoch Times spoke to one fan who paid the $1,250 for the ticket in Melbourne and said it was “worth every cent.”

“It was the best view,” the fan told the Epoch Times.

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