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London Mayor will not expand ULEZ if re-elected

Sadiq Khan has communicated in a letter to the capital’s transport commissioner that he has decided against implementing a pay-per-mile scheme.

If re-elected, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has vowed not to extend the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) scheme beyond its current boundaries.

In a correspondence to London’s transport commissioner Andy Lord, Mr. Khan reiterated that he has firmly rejected the idea of introducing a pay-per-mile scheme or making any adjustments to ULEZ emissions standards.

He stated: “Although there is still work to be done in addressing air pollution, I am committed to taking a leading role in London.

“However, I assure Londoners that my efforts will not include the implementation of a new pay-per-mile road user charging scheme or the modification of ULEZ standards.

“The establishment and expansion of ULEZ has been essential and successful. Now that it is in place and effective, I will ensure that the regulations remain unchanged for drivers.”

Additionally, Mr. Khan highlighted in the letter that he will concentrate on other strategies to combat air pollution, such as enhancing walking and cycling routes, upgrading building energy efficiency, and enlarging the network of electric vehicle charging stations.

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Susan Hall, the Conservative mayoral candidate, remarked: “Assurances mean nothing coming from someone who has not been truthful with Londoners regarding his intentions to tax drivers.

Susan Hall outside the Royal Courts of Justice, central London, on July 28, 2023. (James Manning/PA)
Susan Hall outside the Royal Courts of Justice, central London, on July 28, 2023. (James Manning/PA)

“Sadiq Khan promised not to extend ULEZ during the previous election, only to do the opposite afterward.

“He has invested £150 million in developing pay per mile technology and now expects us to believe that he will not utilize it.

“Sadiq Khan is underestimating Londoners and is unwilling to listen. That’s why we must seek change on May 2.”

A spokesperson for the mayor mentioned: “Sadiq has been unequivocal in ruling out the implementation of a pay-per-mile road user charging scheme, but the Tories are deliberately trying to misguide Londoners by repeatedly asserting otherwise.

“The mayor has now formally conveyed his unequivocal commitment to London, ensuring that no pay-per-mile scheme will be introduced during his tenure.”

Liberal Democrat candidate Rob Blackie stated: “The ULEZ could have been much more effective if the mayor had not rushed the extension in 2023, giving residents in outer London insufficient time to adjust.

“To combat climate change effectively, we must carry people along with us.

“It is essential for the mayor to address the remaining issues, especially for tradespeople who rely on vans for their work.”

Green Party candidate Zoe Garbett expressed disappointment: “It is disheartening that the current Labour Mayor of London is dismissing the feedback from Londoners on ULEZ.

“While Greens support efforts to reduce air pollution, the existing scheme has inherent unfairness. I would strive to address this.

“London needs a refined system to reduce air pollution in a fairer manner, and I believe the optimal approach is to replace both ULEZ and congestion charges with a new road charging system.

“Presently, some highly polluting vehicles can evade charges while many low-income individuals driving older small cars face fees.

“If elected, I would engage with Londoners and begin developing a new system that considers factors like distance driven, vehicle emissions, time of day, and location.

“I would also explore incentives for carpooling by considering the number of passengers in the vehicle.”

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