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Michael Taube: The Intersection of Smith and Carlson

When two notable individuals are set to appear at the same event, venue, or conference, there is usually a lot of attention. This is especially true if these figures have been controversial in the past. The news of Alberta Premier Danielle Smith and American conservative political host and commentator Tucker Carlson sharing the stage at Calgary’s Telus Convention Centre on Jan. 24, 2024 has sparked a lot of interest on the internet.

The topics of discussion between Smith and Carlson could include conservative history and ideas, Canada-U.S. relations, international conflicts, the environment, Alberta’s oil industry, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s leadership. The meeting has drawn a mix of reactions, with some intrigued and others critical. Many are questioning why Smith would want to share the same stage with Carlson, given their respective controversial remarks in the past.

Despite their different perspectives, both Smith and Carlson are known for making controversial statements. Yet, the benefits of this upcoming conversation between the two figures likely outweigh the risks, especially in terms of the exposure it could bring to Smith’s political career. It is expected that part or all of the discussion will be aired on Carlson’s show “Tucker on X,” which has gained a large and international audience.

While there are risks involved in sharing the stage with Carlson, the potential rewards for Smith, including an increase in her public profile and a boost to her political career, are significant. Whether people agree or disagree with both participants, the meeting between Smith and Carlson will be a noteworthy event.

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