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MP Dong Confesses Awareness of Organized Bus Transporting International Students to Nomination Contest in His Riding

MP Han Dong has confessed that he was informed about a private school organizing a bus to bring international students to participate in the Liberal Party nomination contest in 2019, where he was a candidate. This acknowledgment was brought up by counsel at the foreign interference inquiry in Ottawa on April 2.

Referring to a forthcoming statement of evidence, commission counsel Kate McGrann mentioned that Mr. Dong was aware “that international students from a private high school and living in a residence at Seneca College voted in the 2019 Don Valley North nomination.”

“That statement of expected evidence also states that Mr. Dong remembers being informed that a bus organized by the school had transported some students to the nomination meeting,” Ms. McGrann explained.

Citing unnamed sources, Global News reported in February 2023 that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service had observed Chinese international students with fake addresses allegedly being bused into the riding and “pressured to vote in Dong’s favor.” Following this report and others concerning Mr. Dong’s supposed interactions with the Chinese Consulate, he resigned from the Liberal caucus and now serves as an Independent. He has denied any misconduct and has initiated legal action against Global News.

Mr. Dong, scheduled to testify before the inquiry later on April 2, has not been responding to requests for comment from The Epoch Times.

Counsel commission McGrann made her statements during queries directed at Azam Ishmael, the national campaign director of the Liberal Party.

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Ms. McGrann asked Mr. Azam why the Liberal Party has asserted that there were “no issues or irregularities” in the 2019 Liberal nomination contest in the Don Valley riding in Ontario.

“The Liberal Party of Canada operates, I believe, similarly to other political parties in having a very stringent process around nomination meetings, including a set of published rules, as well as the basis in our constitution that are reviewed and approved by the National Board of Directors,” Mr. Azam explained.

“The chair of the meeting for that specific nomination meeting has not indicated any irregularity. Nor did any of the participants in the meeting utilize the appeals process available to anyone involved in the nomination meeting.”

The Liberal Party revised its candidacy nomination rules so that those who “register” with the party at no cost can vote in candidacy elections. With this alteration, no donation to the party is necessary to become a member and vote for nomination candidates, enabling non-citizens or non-permanent residents to participate in these contests.

The Foreign Interference Commission was established following demands from opposition parties to investigate reports of foreign interference in Canada’s 2019 and 2021 elections. The reports suggested that Beijing had funded the campaigns of 11 candidates in the 2019 race and favored the Liberals to win due to the Conservatives’ policies not aligning with the Chinese Communist Party.

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