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New Acting Police Commissioner in Queensland was Former COVID Leader

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Katarina Carroll is stepping down early from her position as Queensland’s top cop due to public dissatisfaction with the recent spate of youth crime in the state.

The man known for leading Queensland’s COVID-19 police response, Steve Gollschewski, has been appointed as the acting police commissioner following Carroll’s unexpected announcement of her departure on March 1, months ahead of schedule.

During the pandemic, Mr. Gollschewski was responsible for managing hotel quarantine, airport security, and border patrols along Queensland roads.

After over a decade as the state’s most seasoned deputy commissioner and drawing from more than 40 years of policing experience, Mr. Gollschewski has been praised by Queensland Premier Steven Miles as an “extraordinarily competent and experienced leader.”

Miles said, “I am very pleased to see Mr. Gollschewski announced as Queensland’s Acting Police Commissioner.”

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Mr. Gollschewski will be maintaining the role of commissioner throughout the entire merit selection process to appoint Ms. Carroll’s successor next week.

Police Minister Mark Ryan assured Queensland Police and the community that they were in good hands with Mr. Gollschewski.

Carroll’s Early Departure Amid Unrest and Youth Crime Concerns

Ms. Carroll hastened her departure from the top position amidst concerns over youth crime and reports of unrest within the police force.

Earlier in the month, Ms. Carroll faced pressure following the tragic stabbing of a 70-year-old grandmother in a suspected carjacking. Officers were reportedly unhappy and tired of dealing with juvenile offenders and domestic violence incidents.

Ms. Carroll stated, “I made this decision” after almost five years at the helm. “And [I] was going to have the discussion about not renewing my contract with the minister in about two weeks’ time, but because of the heightened speculation and commentary, I brought these discussions forward.”

Ms. Carroll admitted policing is “challenging,” with crime having surged to an unprecedented level in the wake of the pandemic. “To have in one year, a 25 percent increase in domestic violence is just unheard of.”

However, her departure stirred up lively debate, with some expressing sadness and others highlighting the failures during her tenure.

James Ashby of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation said, “Katarina Carroll will be remembered as a failed Police Commissioner who cultivated Queensland’s worst crime statistics and destroyed morale within the Police Force.”

$6 Million in Theft in 2023 Under Carroll’s Watch: Insurer

During Carroll’s tenure, crime across the state resulted in over $6 million in property stolen from Queensland homes in 2023.

RACQ Insurance received 1,327 home theft claims last year, with the highest number occurring in the January-March quarter.

Brisbane’s southside had the most home thefts, with 208 claims, an 18 percent increase from the previous year.

RACQ’s Trent Sayers expressed concern about the impact of home theft on Queenslanders, particularly amid the strain of rising living costs.

“We also saw a 35 percent increase in the total cost of home theft claims in 2023 compared to the previous year, and this is a result of increased claims volumes, higher value property being stolen, and inflation,” he said.

He mentioned that RACQ research indicates most Queenslanders are concerned.

“With more than half (52 percent) stating they were concerned about home or vehicle break-ins while not at home,” he explained.

“Contact local police immediately to report the theft,” he said.

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