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NSW Premier Addresses Sam Kerr’s Recent Comments, Denies Racism

Opponents have accused Chris Minn of “endorsing racism” by his stance, but the Opposition Leader gave the same reply.

NSW Premier Chris Minn has stirred up political controversy with just one word—“no.” That was his response when questioned if he would consider being called “a stupid white bastard” as racist.

The inquiry pertains to the charge brought against Matildas Captain Sam Kerr in the UK.

She is accused of using the phrase during an altercation with a London police officer over a taxi fare in Twickenham on Jan. 30. She has been summoned to court on charges of racially aggravated harassment of a police officer and pleaded not guilty via video link. A hearing is scheduled for April 26, where her defense is expected to challenge the case’s dismissal as an abuse of process. If unsuccessful, a four-day trial is set for February next year.

MPs immediately criticized Mr. Minn’s denial of any racism in the phrase.

Premier Should ‘Set the Standard’: Upper House MP

“I’ll call that out straight away,” said Upper House MP Rod Roberts, a former detective sergeant in the NSW Police. “Let’s reverse it and if someone called someone a stupid black bastard, we wouldn’t tolerate that,” he said. “They’d rush you right before an anti-discrimination board. We don’t stand for discrimination of any type at all, and it’s incumbent on our premier to set that standard.

He emphasized that a police officer deserves respect as they hold a position of authority.

One Nation MP Tania Mihailuk, a former colleague of Mr. Minn in the Labor Party until her defection in 2022, also condemned the Premier’s position.

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“The Premier has just endorsed racism. He also exposed himself as a total hypocrite, pandering to populism at the expense of sound judgement,” she stated.

“How can a premier endorse the use of such inappropriate language? What message does this send to our kids from the leader of our state?” she questioned.

“If the comments were reversed there would be a riot, and the Premier would be leading the mob.

Opposition Leader Had the Same Answer

However, NSW Opposition leader Mark Speakman also answered “no” when asked if the alleged phrase is racist, while Health Minister Ryan Park said: “I’ve been called a lot worse, so no.”

This sentiment was echoed by former Socceroo Robbie Slater, who mentioned being “called a lot worse.”

“Without trivializing what she might have said, it sounds like something silly might have happened, it’s a bizarre thing,” he remarked. “I think Sam might have had a few too many on one evening and probably said something stupid, but a four-day trial—I mean you’d walk into Downing Street Court and I think you’d be out within the hour for something like this.

“You can’t trivialize racism, but like I said, I’ve been called a lot worse.”

Libertarian Upper House MP John Ruddick commented that if the allegations are true, then it was “textbook racism.” However, he believed “it’s pathetic to make a big deal out of it.”

“Being aggressive towards a cop should involve a fine of some sort, but I’m sick of the weaponization of casual racism,” he expressed. “Those who engage in casual racism should be socially reprimanded and perhaps ostracized … but I’m deeply uncomfortable about hauling someone to court for it.

Scrap Anti-Discrimination Laws: Matt Canavan

Nationals Senator Matt Canavan used the issue to advocate for the abolishment of anti-discrimination law in Australia, tweeting: “I for one welcome the news that simply describing someone’s race is no longer considered RaCiSt!!! Time to gut all of our discrimination laws, human rights commissions, etc that only exist to divide us and police fake racism scandals.”

Ms. Kerr allegedly made the comment after being sick in the back of a taxi after celebrating a victory in which she scored three goals against Liverpool in the fourth round of the FA Cup.

Football Australia chief executive James Johnson called the allegation “unsettling” and “very serious” but Chelsea manager Emma Hayes said Ms. Kerr had the team’s full support. “She knows that. It’s a difficult time for her, it’s really important I get that across. It’s something I really value.”

If found guilty, Ms. Kerr faces a fine or a maximum jail sentence of six months.

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