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Poll Shows 51% of Canadian Voters Support Resignation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

More than half of Canadian voters want Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to resign before the next election to make way for a new leader, according to a recently released poll.



published Nov. 15 by Leger found that 51 percent of respondents want Mr. Trudeau to step down.
Among those who want the prime minister to resign, 34 percent said it was due to his inaction on the affordability and high-inflation crisis, while 25 percent listed Mr. Trudeau’s management of public finances. 

Another 25 percent of those polled said he should step down because of his “broken promises” and 23 percent referenced “his many ethical issues.” Twenty-two percent said he hasn’t done enough to help with access to affordable housing, and 20 percent said they are “just tired of him.” Voters were allowed to list more than one reason for their feelings about the prime minister.

“Satisfaction with Justin Trudeau’s government remains low, with only 30 percent of Canadians saying they are satisfied,” the poll report said. “Additionally, 72 percent of Canadians think that after [eight] years and three mandates, it is time to try something different with a new prime minister.”

Eighty-one percent of the 1,612 people polled said they were dissatisfied with the Liberal government’s handling of affordable housing while 75 percent said Ottawa needs to do a better job coping with high inflation rates.

Sixty-six percent of voters said the prime minister lacked “a clear vision for the future,” while 60 percent said he has made too many mistakes when dealing with other countries. Fifty-five percent said that regional tensions and arguments have grown worse in Canada since Mr. Trudeau became prime minister and 53 percent said he is “one of the main reasons why” Canada is “in the current mess we are in.”

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When it comes to choosing a leader for Canada, 27 percent of voters said Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre would make the best prime minister. Mr. Trudeau, who received 17 percent, was just slightly ahead of NDP leader Jagmeet Singh who came in at 16 percent. Green Party leader Elizabeth May and People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier each garnered two percent.

Sixteen percent of respondents were uncertain who to choose while 17 percent said none of the candidates would make a good leader. Two percent of those polled didn’t answer.

If Mr. Trudeau was replaced as party leader, 34 percent of those polled said they would likely vote Liberal while 65 percent said they would not.

Leger’s online survey was conducted between Oct. 20 and 22. 

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