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Pollster Says Tories Should Be ‘Nervous’ About Reform Voters’ Immigration Focus

Recent polls indicate a significant defeat for the Tories due to public dissatisfaction with immigration policies reaching record levels. The findings suggest that Reform UK is rapidly gaining popularity among former Conservative supporters, particularly due to concerns about immigration. The party attracts mainly middle-aged and elderly individuals outside London and Scotland, many of whom were Conservative backers in the previous election and Brexit supporters. The issue of immigration, both illegal and legal, is central to their voting decisions.

A majority of Reform voters are former Tory supporters, emphasizing their shared concerns about immigration, globalisation, and the direction of British society. The survey highlights a demographic primarily over 44 years old, with the largest group being 65 or older, reflecting a preference for a pre-EU Britain and heightened worries about mass immigration.

The results indicate that the Conservative Party should be wary of the upcoming general election, given the growing support for Reform UK and the concerns driving their voters’ decisions. Another poll forecasts a historic low for the Tories in the upcoming election, with potential significant gains for other parties such as Labour and Reform UK. Public discontent over immigration policies has reached an all-time high, with dissatisfaction prevalent among both the general public and Conservative supporters.

It is suggested that the Conservative Party needs to prioritize addressing immigration concerns, strengthening border controls, and implementing Conservative policies to regain lost support. A recent survey by British Future revealed a high level of dissatisfaction with current immigration policies, further emphasizing the need for strategic action on this issue. The Labour Party is currently perceived as more trustworthy than the Conservatives on immigration policies, posing a challenge for the government in addressing public concerns effectively.

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