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Reeves: Labour Government Will Not Increase Income Tax or National Insurance

Rachel Reeves, the shadow chancellor of the Exchequer, has promised that Labour will not increase income tax or national insurance if they win the general election. She made this commitment while emphasizing the party’s desire to lower taxes on working people and ensuring that all proposals are fully funded. Reeves also mentioned that there will be no return to austerity under Labour, with a focus on boosting frontline services as an initial step towards making necessary changes. Despite these assurances, she did not rule out the possibility of spending cuts in the future.

Speaking on BBC One’s “Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg” program, Reeves stated, “We certainly won’t be increasing income tax or national insurance if we win the election.” She highlighted the importance of growing the economy and improving economic performance to support their plans.

Reeves also mentioned that they have announced immediate cash injections into public services, such as the NHS, additional police officers, and teachers, which are all fully costed and funded promises. She emphasized the need for responsible financial planning and criticized the Conservatives for their unfunded tax cuts.

While Labour has not set a timeline for increasing defense spending to 2.5 percent of GDP, Reeves assured that they will conduct a strategic defense review to ensure value for money in all spending areas. She also reiterated Labour’s commitment to ending the practice of fire and rehire that negatively impacts workers.

Labour has proposed a comprehensive workers’ rights package, including a ban on exploitative zero hours contracts, a “right to switch off,” and stronger employment rights from day one of a new job. The party’s plans have received support from various unions, despite some criticism over softening wording in specific areas.

In addition, Labour has pledged to revive Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s plan to ban young people from smoking, as initially proposed in the abandoned Tobacco and Vapes Bill. Shadow work and pensions secretary Liz Kendall affirmed their commitment to this issue if elected.

PA Media contributed to this report.

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