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Retired Taiwanese Major General: Taiwan’s Democratic Model Offers Hope for China’s Future

Yu Beichen emphasizes Taiwan’s commitment to democratic principles as a shining example for mainland China’s transition towards democracy. In a recent speech to the Taiwanese community in Northern California, the retired major general reiterated Taiwan’s dedication to its democratic values and highlighted its unique identity separate from mainland China.

Gen. Yu firmly declared that Taiwan belongs to the free and democratic Republic of China, not communist China, emphasizing its sovereignty and democratic nature. He transitioned from a military career to politics, currently serving as a city council member in Taoyuan City, Taiwan.

During his visit to California, Gen. Yu spoke on various topics including Taiwan’s defense, peace in the Taiwan Strait, and threats from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The speech attracted a large audience eager to hear insights on Taiwan’s security landscape from a seasoned military leader.

Gen. Yu highlighted Taiwan’s important role in promoting democratic ideals within the broader Chinese community, believing that Taiwan’s adherence to democracy holds promise for China’s eventual transition to democracy.

Reflecting on recent CCP tactics, Gen. Yu urged Taiwan to remain strong against fear-mongering and emphasized the importance of countering threats such as espionage and disinformation campaigns. He stressed the need for vigilance and resilience to safeguard Taiwan’s interests against CCP aggression.

Despite historical skepticism towards the United States in Taiwanese society, Gen. Yu emphasized the importance of strengthening Taiwan’s defense forces for security, asserting that Taiwan can stand together with allies like the United States, Japan, and the Philippines against CCP expansion with confidence in its own capabilities.

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