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Russian Missiles and Drones Target Ukraine in Overnight Attack, Says Ukrainian Air Force

Ukraine endured a significant Russian missile attack early on Saturday, during which its air defenses were only able to intercept a much smaller percentage of the missiles than usual.

According to Ukraine’s air force, Russia launched 37 missiles and three drones. Eight of the missiles were intercepted, as stated in a social media post.

The air force’s spokesperson had previously mentioned that Ukraine was experiencing a shortage of air defense missiles. It was not immediately clear whether this was the reason for the low success rate or if there were other contributing factors.

The majority of the missiles used in the overnight attack were extremely fast-moving ballistic types, making them much more challenging to intercept, as noted by the air force.

The statement mentioned, “It should be noted that more than 20 of all the listed (weapons) which were not included in the number of the downed, did not reach their targets as a result of active countermeasures by electronic warfare.”

Details about the targets of the strike were not provided.

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Local officials from various regions across Ukraine reported that Russian missiles were shot down in at least five areas.

The local governor in the large southeastern city of Dnipro confirmed that the city was targeted, but did not specify what was hit.

Police in the northern region of Chernihiv shared a photo of a significant crater caused by a downed missile.

“As a result of being hit by the debris of an enemy missile, several private homes and non-residential buildings were damaged, one building was practically destroyed,” the police stated. They also mentioned that there were no human casualties, but a dog was killed as a result of the attack.

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