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Stephanie Davies-Arai: The Practice of Gender ‘Affirmation’ for Children is Harmful

The campaigner emphasized that teaching children both the reality of unchangeable sex and the ideological belief that it can be changed is contradictory.

Stephanie Davies-Arai, the founder and director of Transgender Trend, stated that the practice of gender affirmation is not compassionate but rather harsh.

In an interview with NTD’s “British Thought Leaders” program, Ms. Davies-Arai highlighted the need to educate children either on the fact that sex cannot be altered or on transgender ideology, but not a blend of both.

She also raised concerns about the detrimental effects of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones on children, particularly older teenagers who are in a vulnerable phase.

Recently, NHS England announced that it would no longer routinely administer puberty blockers to children due to insufficient evidence supporting their safety and efficacy.

Ms. Davies-Arai noted that despite these changes, adult clinics that cater to 17-year-olds still operate on an ideological model of affirmation and informed consent.

She also expressed worries about the risks associated with puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, including issues like decreased bone density, lowered IQ, infertility, and loss of sexual function, which are significant losses that children may not fully comprehend.

Moreover, the campaigner highlighted the vulnerability of teenagers, especially when influenced by universities and queer identity groups.

Vulnerable Teens

She pointed out the increasing number of girls seeking gender transition and the predominant de-transitioners being young women who regret their decisions.

Ms. Davies-Arai commended de-transitioners for their courage and highlighted the challenges they face due to the treatment received and backlash from trans activists.

Social Transitioning

She raised concerns about social transitioning in schools and criticized the government’s draft guidance for not entirely addressing the issue.

Ms. Davies-Arai emphasized the need to teach children reality rather than promoting an ideological stance that contradicts biological facts.

She called for a ban on social transitioning in schools and the prescription of puberty blockers by private clinics.

Invented Protected Group

Regarding claims of discrimination against trans children, Ms. Davies-Arai argued that affirming a child’s belief in being transgender is not compassionate but rather reinforces a delusion.

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