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Sunak backs Welsh farmers in fight against subsidy reforms

Farmers are protesting against Welsh Labour reforms and environmental mandates, joining a growing movement on social media reminiscent of European protests on similar issues.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has expressed his support for Welsh farmers participating in protests against controversial subsidy reforms proposed by the Labour Welsh government.

Engaging directly with leading protester and farmer Gareth Wyn Jones and other campaigners during a demonstration outside the Welsh Conservative Conference in Llandudno on Friday, Mr. Sunak assured them of the Conservative government’s support.

“We’re going to do everything we can because we’ve got your back,” said Mr. Sunak.

The protests in Wales are part of a growing farmers’ movement across the UK, echoing similar uprisings across Europe where farmers have stood against policies they see as harmful to their industry.

The British movement, fueled in part by social media under the banner “No Farmers, No Food” (NFNF), has quickly gained traction, amassing over 58,000 followers on the platform since its recent launch and receiving support from prominent figures like author Jordan Peterson and TV presenter Neil Oliver.

At the core of the ongoing unrest are proposed changes to farm subsidies by Welsh Labour, mandating that farmers allocate 10 percent of their land to forestry and another 10 percent to wildlife habitats. This has raised significant concerns among the farming community, fearing the implications for their livelihoods and the broader agricultural landscape.

‘Simply Wrong’

Addressing the issue on Friday, Mr. Sunak stated: “It’s absolutely not right, the impact it will have on your jobs, your livelihoods, your incomes, and food production around the country. It’s simply wrong.”

“Why are Welsh children being let down and getting the worst results in the United Kingdom? Why are Welsh farmers being abandoned? And why do they want to spend £120 million more on 36 more politicians in Cardiff, but can’t provide a penny of funding to support steelworkers in Port Talbot? Wales is proof that when Labour run something, they run it badly. I’m sorry that you, the Welsh people, are being treated as Labour’s laboratory.”

Founder of NFNF, James Melville, has rejected claims of underlying political motives, emphasizing the group’s dedication to a non-partisan initiative aimed at protecting the interests of British farmers.

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