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Survey Report Finds Majority of Canadians Believe Federal Government is Failing to Support Middle-Class

Middle-class Canadians are expressing frustration with the increasing cost of living and the heavy tax burden placed on them, according to internal Privy Council research. Focus groups from various regions across the country highlighted the government’s failure to address the key concerns of Canadians.

Participants suggested that the federal government should consider measures such as reducing taxes for middle-class households and expanding the range of benefits and support available within Canada. Many middle-class Canadians, particularly those from the northeast of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), felt that their income bracket should have access to the same support as lower-income households. However, few could recall any significant actions taken by the federal government to assist the middle class.

The focus groups identified the cost of living as their top issue, citing rising prices for groceries and fuel that make it challenging to make ends meet. Participants also mentioned struggles with housing costs, including higher mortgage payments and increasing home energy rates. They called for improvements in areas such as housing, immigration, and addressing the perceived high tax burden faced by many struggling Canadians.

Homelessness, Addiction Rising

Participants from the northeast of the GTA and rural northeastern Ontario communities highlighted the increasing challenges of homelessness, addiction, and mental health issues in their communities.

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The research findings were based on focus groups with Canadians identifying as middle class. The research, conducted by The Strategic Counsel, a Toronto pollster, under an $814,741 contract, indicated a strong desire for government action to address the challenges facing middle-class Canadians.

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