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Survey Shows Record Number of Calgarians Reporting Decline in Quality of Life

The survey recently published shows that a record number of Calgary residents believe that their quality of life has declined in the past three years.

Out of the 2,501 city residents surveyed in the City of Calgary’s annual spring poll, 62% mentioned a decrease in the quality of life in Alberta’s largest metropolis since 2021, a 13% increase from last spring.

While 71% still consider their quality of life as “good,” this is significantly lower compared to the ratings from the previous year. The report indicates a drop of seven points from last spring and five points from last fall.

Residents of Calgary seem dissatisfied with the city’s future plans, as only 38% believe it is moving towards ensuring a better quality of life for future generations, a noticeable decline from 51% in spring 2023.

Furthermore, the percentage of respondents who think Calgary is on the path to becoming a better city in the next decade has decreased to 65% in the spring survey, compared to 77% last spring and 70% last fall.

The report highlights the all-time low trust in the City, with only 38% expressing any level of trust, which is a 10% decrease from last spring.

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The satisfaction with city leadership and performance has also declined. City ratings and administration ratings dropped in fall 2023 and remain low, while satisfaction with council has decreased further since the same period.

Although 69% of respondents still consider Calgary a great place to live, it has decreased from the 75% rating in the previous fall. The percentage of those who say it’s a great place to work has also dropped significantly from 77% last fall to 63% this spring.

The perception of value for taxes has hit a record low, with only 44% believing they get good value for their taxes. However, 63% are satisfied with municipal services and programs.

Perceived value from property taxes has decreased in spring 2024, with less than half of Calgarians rating it as “good,” a significant decrease from previous years.

The perception that the city aims to create an equally accessible city for everyone has also decreased, with only 54% agreeing compared to 60% last spring.

Public opinion on the city’s customer service, while still positive, has decreased from a year ago, with 73% giving a favorable rating compared to 78% previously.

Survey Identifies Top Concerns

Infrastructure, traffic, and roads are the top concerns for Calgarians, with 29% identifying them as priorities. Homelessness, poverty, and affordable housing follow at 24%, with crime and safety at 22%, transit at 17%, and the economy at 16%.

Taxes, recreation, parks, and growth and planning have increased mentions but remain lower priorities overall.

Participants recommend affordable housing, public transit, social services, 9-1-1 services, and Calgary Fire Department services as top financial priorities for the city council.

The Spring Research Results survey was conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs between Feb. 27 and March 26.

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