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Taiwan Warns Canberra of Beijing’s Military Aggression

The representative of Taiwan in Australia emphasized the importance of further unity between the two countries to counter increased coercive actions from the CCP.

The PLA of the CCP has acknowledged that its military exercises around Taiwan are aimed at testing its capability to take control of the island, with aggressive maneuvers escalating over a second day.

These actions have been described as a stern punishment for what Beijing perceives as separatist activities by Taiwan, particularly related to the election of President Lai Ching-te who has been vocal about Taiwan’s sovereignty and distinct identity.

In response to Beijing’s intimidation of Taiwan, President Lai called for an end to such behavior in his inauguration speech on May 20. CCP leader Xi Jinping has stressed the inevitability of Taiwan’s reunification with the mainland, a view that Taiwan strongly opposes.

The exercises carried out by the PLA in the Taiwan Strait and around the island have been condemned by Taiwan’s Defense Ministry as irrational provocations, prompting Taiwan to deploy its own forces in response despite being significantly outweighed by China in terms of military capabilities.

CCP Engaging in Coercion: Taiwan Diplomat

Douglas Hsu, Taiwan’s representative in Australia, highlighted that the CCP’s actions amount to coercion and criticized Beijing for engaging in perilous behavior towards various countries including Australia, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Japan.

Mr. Hsu expressed that the Taiwanese people are accustomed to such coercive actions from the PRC and are currently maintaining composure despite the military drills by China. He emphasized the need for like-minded nations to closely monitor the situation.

Australian officials, including Simon Birmingham, echoed concerns about China’s provocative actions and urged Beijing to show respect for democratic outcomes, particularly in Taiwan. China’s warnings against strengthening ties with Taiwan have also been noted, as Australia and the United States adhere to the One-China principle that Beijing claims Taiwan falls under.

During President Lai’s inauguration, five Australian MPs visited Taiwan, showing support for the island nation amidst escalating tensions with China.

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