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The Impact of Inaccurate Utilization of Outdated HMRC Data on the Exaggeration of ‘Fictitious’ Child Maintenance Figures

Campaigners have expressed concern that the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) could be demanding money from paying parents without due process. Documents indicate that the CMS has disregarded proper procedure when handling income assessments and Current Income Checks (CICs). Meanwhile, campaigners have warned of suicides among paying parents and their belief that the arrears the CMS demands are fictitious. Furthermore, the CMS appears to have conducted CICs without adhering to proper time limits, a practice that may violate its internal regulations. Peer-reviewed data indicates that paying parents in arrears with the CMS have a significantly higher mortality rate than the national average. Additionally, the CMS has been criticized for its lack of accountability and oversight. In July, the CMS obtained new powers to issue administrative liability orders against parents.

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