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The True Colors of Protesters Revealed, Thanks to Freedom of Expression: Peter Menzies


There are a lot of us who want people in the Islamist-leftist coalitions parading through our cities to be shut up, but where oh where would we be without their freedom of expression?

Without it, the population at large might still be thinking kindly of certain union leaders, MPPs, MLAs, mayors, city councillors, human rights commissioners, journalists, theatre companies, activists, academics, medical doctors, law students, and MPs. Canadians might still be thinking of them—as they have worked so hard to be portrayed—as people dedicated to making the world a happier, more prosperous place in which to live.

Oh sure, they might lean a little left but they mean well, right? A little wrongheaded, but they aren’t bad people, are they?

Well, it turns out that the answer to that is: Oh yes they are.

Support for their freedom of expression is not to say the rampant law-breaking we have witnessed should have been tolerated to the extent that it has been. Nor does it mean that the public death threats and appeals by certain crackpot Imams to The Almighty for the extermination of Jews should not have resulted in criminal charges by now. They should have.

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Parading through malls and frightening children should have resulted in a large number of arrests. The same goes for the Avenue Road rallies in Toronto—clearly designed to instill fear in the adjacent Jewish community. These and other uprisings accompanied by the very problematic “from the river to the sea” chants have been going on for more than three months now—from the moment Israel fought back against Hamas, the Gaza-based terrorist organization that invaded it and committed a string of atrocities on Oct. 7, 2o23.

But where we once might have expected brass-buttoned constables to restore order and enforce the rule of law, those characters are now but figments of our imagination. Armoured coppers on horseback, it seems, are passé, at least when it comes to dealing with Islamists and their allies within the radical left. Not long ago, stern-faced officers were in full kit on the streets of Ottawa and ready to crack some skulls if necessary. Suddenly, they have been replaced—most visibly in Toronto—by what appears to be a corps of weak-kneed social workers delivering coffee and donuts to people ever more emboldened by their uniformed facilitators.

It’s true that free speech has been used effectively to inspire violence and, for instance, intimidate theatre groups like Victoria’s Belfry Theatre into cancelling its production of “The Runner,” a one-man play about an Israeli rescue worker’s moral dilemma.

Oh, and it’s effectively frightened Prime Minister Justin Trudeau into abandoning our allies and signing on to a United Nations resolution calling for a ceasefire—an act praised by the hate-filled homicidal leadership of Hamas.

But if we didn’t have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms that allowed them to sing, shout, and chant their deeply held beliefs, we wouldn’t know their true nature. We wouldn’t know that, as Golda Meir put it, they still haven’t learned to love their children more than they hate the Jews.

Without their freedom to reveal themselves we wouldn’t have seen how wildly successful the alliance between Islamists and the left has been. We would never have known that they share a goal of, one day, destroying Israel and ridding it of a people with more than 3,000 years of history there. One can only look on in amazement as groups such as Queers For Palestine march in solidarity with people who, if successful in their ambitions, would toss a coin to decide whether to stone them or throw them off rooftops.

As one clearly confused X-poster put it: “This is an environmental and climate issue, this is a feminist issue, this is a civil rights issue, this is a racial issue, this is a queer issue, this is a children’s protection issue, this is a health issue.”

Of course it is. Because nothing quite says feminism and civil rights like being beaten by your husband in a place that hasn’t had an election for 18 years.

It turns out people with this deranged worldview are everywhere. It turns out that their anti-Semitism and their lies concerning apartheid and genocide have permeated virtually all of our institutions where, like a fifth cultural column, they have waited for their moment to seize power while corrupting the minds of our young people.

So as horrifying as this war is, maybe it’s a good thing that it forced this segment of the new Canada to, while we were all busy celebrating its diversity, flex its muscle. Better they all be out in the open where we can hear them and see their signs and their flags.

Better now rather than another generation into the future when demographic and cultural shifts would have put them in an overwhelmingly influential political and cultural position.

At least now, thanks to freedom of expression, we know what the truth is.

And that’s that Canada is neither the country we grew up in nor the one we hoped it would become. But it’s the Canada we made. Brick by misguided brick.

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