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Undermining National Security by Playing the ‘Racism Card’


I have no intention of arguing against this nonsensical attitude as I have better things to do, but it is nonetheless true that the tendency of late to accuse just about everyone of prejudice is having an important, and dangerous, effect on national security.

Thanks to some leaks to the press a year or so ago, Canadians have learned that CSIS has been warning the federal government for more than a decade and a half that the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has been engaged in foreign influence activities in our backyard and getting away with it (CSIS is authorized to investigate foreign interference under Section 2b) of its legislation, the CSIS Act).

Sadly, successive governments chose to ignore this well-grounded intelligence and were only forced to address the issue after the aforementioned leaks.

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What, pray tell, was the government’s reaction when the information went viral? Simply put, denial, feigned ignorance, and, wait for it, concerns that CSIS intelligence would feed racism. Even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau jumped on the racist bandwagon. When the MP for Don Valley North, Han Dong, was named as one of the candidates believed to be supported financially by the Chinese regime heading into the 2019 election, Trudeau suggested the allegations were racist. He also told Canadians he had never seen the CSIS reports (something I have weighed in on before).

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