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Video of 3-year-old ‘shepherd’ goes viral after he discovers newborn twin lambs in the shed

Little Dewi is a natural farmer who adores all his sheep. The heartwarming CCTV footage of him herding a group of newborn lambs into a shed has captured the hearts of millions.

Dewi resides with his farming family in the beautiful rural hills of Shropshire, UK, where he diligently works as a young shepherd.

At the age of 3, Dewi surprised his parents Poppy Archer, 27, and Ieuan Bowen, 29, by showing remarkable interaction with twin newborn lambs.

Dewi loves all his farm animals. (Courtesy of <a href="">@dewitheshepherd</a>)
Dewi loves all his farm animals. (Courtesy of @dewitheshepherd)

The video showcases Dewi carefully guiding two newborn lambs back to their mother sheep, showcasing his deep respect and care for the animals.

His proud mother describes how Dewi displayed natural instincts to protect and unite the animals in a safe environment, fostering a sense of family among them.

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“It just shows it doesn’t matter how old you are or how strong you are—all you need is care and attention to what is around you, and it will come naturally. It’s in all of us to be like Dewi.”

Watch the viral video:

(Courtesy of @dewitheshepherd)

Raising the Next-Generation Farmer

Dewi, now 4 years old, dreams of becoming a sheep farmer like his parents.

“Dewi’s future is in his hands,” his mother commented, expressing pride in the possibility of him carrying on the family farming tradition.

“He has a natural talent for farming. His father is his role model, and Dewi loves to imitate him and do exactly as he does,” she added.

Dewi with his parents, Poppy Archer (L) and Ieuan Bowen. (Courtesy of <a href="">@dewitheshepherd</a>)
Dewi with his parents, Poppy Archer (L) and Ieuan Bowen. (Courtesy of @dewitheshepherd)

Dewi diligently tends to the flock in the sheds, ensuring they have food, water, and a comfortable environment. His deep love for animals drives him to care for them with dedication and joy.

“Dewi’s tasks are never-ending, but to him, it’s not work—it’s a labor of love. He was born to care for animals,” his mother explained.

To ensure Dewi’s safety while working, his parents have taught him the importance of respecting and understanding the animals he interacts with.

Dewi is especially good at caring for the lambs. (Courtesy of <a href="">@dewitheshepherd</a>)
Dewi is especially good at caring for the lambs. (Courtesy of @dewitheshepherd)

The Dedication

Ms. Archer feels grateful to have been born into a farming family and is involved in both hill and commercial sheep farming.

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