Andrew Napolitano Predicts DOJ and Apple Will Likely Reach Settlement in Lawsuit

Former Judge Andrew Napolitano told Newsmax on Friday that the Justice Department and Apple are likely to come to an agreement to dismiss the antitrust lawsuit that the DOJ filed against the company this week, but only after both sides spend “millions in legal fees.”

The Justice Department filed a civil lawsuit against Apple on Thursday, accusing it of having an illegal monopoly over the smartphone market.

The lawsuit, joined by more than a dozen state attorneys general, alleges that Apple restricts development on its operating system in a way that leads consumers to pay higher prices and prevents developers from creating products on other smartphone platforms.

Napolitano stated on “National Report” that once “the DOJ has a case, negotiations with Apple’s lawyers begin, and after a couple of years, the negotiation collapsed, leading to the filing of the complaint.”

He explained, “Apple has made it challenging to integrate its products with others. For instance, if you buy a Ford automobile, you should be able to use a GM tire on it. If the Ford automobile does not accept the GM tire, Ford can be accused of using predatory tactics.”

Continuing, the former judge said, “The federal government wants Apple to accept apps, communications, and operating systems from competitors. However, Apple refuses, stating, ‘We have our own product, and we do not want to share our proprietary technology with competitors. We have invested billions, even trillions, in developing this product, and you want us to share it with our competitors?'”

He predicted that this case could take “years,” possibly a decade, to go to trial due to the extensive pretrial litigation and document review involved.

Napolitano also mentioned that if the case ever goes to trial, it is likely to be decided by a judge rather than a jury. He anticipates that “at some point, both parties will agree to resolve the matter after incurring millions in legal fees.”


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