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Reform UK Trails Tories by Only 4 Points in Poll

Another survey revealed that over one in five (21 percent) of individuals who voted Conservative in 2019 are now supporting Reform UK, with experts labeling this shift as ‘staggering’.

Reform UK is currently only four points behind the Conservative Party in the most recent polling by YouGov.

According to the YouGov/Times voting intention survey published on Thursday, the Conservatives were at 19 percent while Reform UK was at 15 percent, marking the party’s highest vote share to date.

Data collected between March 19 and 20 showed that Labour remains ahead in the polls at 44 percent. The Liberal Democrats received 9 percent, and the Green Party received 8 percent. Reform UK now holds the third highest level of support in the country.

“Even among the traditionally strong Conservative demographic of older Britons, only 32% plan to vote Tory – 26% are leaning towards Reform UK, while 23% are supporting Labour,” YouGov stated.

1 in 5 2019 Tory Voters Back Reform UK

Additionally, a Daily Express poll conducted by Techne UK revealed that more than a fifth (21 percent) of Conservative voters from the 2019 election now favor Reform UK.

Techne UK Chief Executive Michela Morizzo told the Express: “This demonstrates a remarkable level of direct conversion from Conservatives to Reform UK.

“There is significant anticipation surrounding Nigel Farage and his future decisions on where to focus his efforts and support – a challenging period for the Conservatives indeed.”

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Formerly, Mr. Farage served as the head of Reform UK and currently holds the title of honorary president of the party.

Conservative Mayoral Candidate Switches to Reform UK

The latest polls come after Dan Baker, the Conservative candidate for mayor of Greater Manchester, switched allegiance to Reform UK.

In an interview with the BBC, Mr. Barker criticized the Conservatives for neglecting the north of England, instead focusing on southern constituencies under threat from the Liberal Democrats.

“In reality, they have given up on Greater Manchester and the north of England,” stated Mr. Baker.

He added, “Internally, it is clear that they are prioritizing protecting the blue wall in the southeast and southwest because they are concerned that the Liberal Democrats will decimate them.”

Mr. Barker will challenge current mayor Andy Burnham of the Labour Party in May.

Lee Anderson

On March 11, Lee Anderson MP announced his decision to join Reform UK. The Conservative Party had suspended the former deputy leader due to comments he made regarding the “Islamification” of London.

During a press briefing after joining Reform, he asserted, “I am determined to reclaim my country.”

Mr. Anderson continued, “Over the past year or so, I have been reflecting on my political journey.

“In politics, my only expectation is to express my thoughts freely.”

“My views are not radical. They resonate with millions of individuals across the nation.”

“It is not a secret that I have been engaged in discussions with my peers at Reform for some time. And Reform UK has given me the opportunity to stand up in Parliament on behalf of the countless individuals across the nation who feel unheard,” he declared.

Candidates Dropped

This week witnessed changes in party candidates, with Reform removing several individuals following revelations regarding their past online statements.

Reform has removed Ginny Ball from Rutland and Stamford; Benjamin Dade from Swindon South; and Roger Hoe from Beverley and Holderness.

A spokesperson for Reform UK told The Guardian on Thursday, concerning the removal of Mr. Dade: “His remarks were brought to our attention, and we took action. Other parties could learn from this.”

“Clearly, our vetting process is now being conducted openly, and all candidates are undergoing re-evaluation,” added the spokesperson.

Reform UK leader Richard Tice has dismissed the idea of withdrawing candidates to prevent splitting the Leave vote in certain constituencies, as was done in 2019 under the name The Brexit Party.

The Brexit Party withdrew candidates to aid then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson in securing the necessary majority to pass his Brexit deal in the House of Commons.

PA Media contributed to this report.

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