Dean Cain expresses confusion over why celebrities continue to support Biden in interview with Newsmax

Actor Dean Cain expressed to Newsmax on Tuesday his confusion about why celebrities continue to support President Joe Biden despite the negative impact of his policies on the cost of living and the world’s instability.

Cain appeared on Newsmax’s “Carl Higbie FRONTLINE” and stated, “The United States and the world are in a bad state right now. Are you better off than you were four years ago? No, you are not. There is high inflation, an immigration crisis, rising crime rates, conflicts, and legal battles. It’s a dire situation. Why would anyone want to support that?”

He questioned why influential people with reputations to uphold would endorse Biden when life under his administration has worsened instead of improved.

Cain commented, “I don’t understand why they would do it. It doesn’t make sense to me. They are still seen as the cool crowd, and being anti-Trump is still considered cool. However, I believe Americans are starting to wake up and realize the terrible state of affairs. Inflation is crippling everyone.”

He continued, “It may not impact people like George [Clooney] and Julia [Roberts], but it affects the average person when buying groceries, paying for gas, energy, or trying to purchase a home. The younger generation is struggling. The immigration situation will only make things worse, and all of this can be directly linked to the policies of the man they are supporting. It’s insane.”

Cain mentioned that some celebrities, like actor Michael Rapaport, are beginning to reconsider their stance on former President Donald Trump due to the current dismal situation.

“Even though I disagree with Michael’s political views, at least he is starting to understand,” Cain said. “This reflects the sentiments of many people who are realizing how bad things are now. The cost of living is high, there are wars everywhere, and the situation on college campuses is chaotic. It’s not a good scenario. Crime might seem low on paper, but it’s just not being reported, and everyone can see it.”

The actor also criticized Biden’s Justice Department for issuing “91 charges against [his] political opponent,” describing it as “bizarre and reminiscent of a banana republic.”

“This is not how things are done in the United States,” Cain pointed out. “Our founding fathers would be appalled. I am outspoken about this because I see it clearly for what it is. It’s absurd. You may not like Donald Trump, but if you can’t see the flaws in his policies, you’re turning a blind eye.”


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