Democrats Urge Biden to Refrain from Commenting on Trump’s Legal Difficulties

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Democrats are advising President Joe Biden to stay silent on the legal troubles faced by former President Donald Trump. This comes after Trump was hit with three new federal criminal charges in addition to existing ones related to a classified documents probe. Some Democrats suggest that Biden should follow the playbook and not craft a strategy to deal with these legal cases. They argue that Biden should stay out of it and let the legal processes unfold. They believe that Trump was the one who used the government to target political enemies and that Biden should not repeat those mistakes. Republicans also advise Biden to remain silent, as any comment from him would politicize the Department of Justice investigation. However, there are concerns that if Biden stays silent, a Republican could exploit this silence to criticize his leadership and say that he was not speaking up when necessary. Overall, the advice for Biden is to handle the situation carefully and refrain from making any statements or getting involved in Trump’s legal troubles.

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