DeSantis Urges Prudence with regards to ‘Woke’ AI

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is campaigning for the GOP presidential nomination, expressed concerns about “woke” artificial intelligence (AI) during a campaign appearance in Iowa. DeSantis suggested that big AI companies possess data with a political agenda, which has significant power. The governor has been critical of “wokeness” and vowed to eliminate it in the military if elected president in 2024. DeSantis believes that addressing wokeness will improve low morale and poor recruitment in the armed forces under the current Biden administration. He recently unveiled his “Mission First” proposal for the Pentagon, stating that social experimentation and the use of drag queens for recruitment negatively impact readiness and morale. In addition to domestic concerns, DeSantis also voiced worries about the use of AI by U.S. strategic competitors like China in the military sphere. Although he acknowledged the need to compete in AI, he emphasized the importance of preventing a society where computers surpass humanity. DeSantis admitted uncertainty about the appropriate regulatory measures, as AI is rapidly evolving.

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