Sen. Rick Scott Takes a Stand Against Illicit Drug Sales on the Internet

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Sen. Rick Scott, a Republican from Florida, has introduced a bill aimed at addressing the online sales of fentanyl and other illicit drugs on social media platforms. The bill seeks to enable better law enforcement by requiring social media platforms to have 24/7 staffed call centers in the US to handle information requests. The goal is to improve data collection, transparency, and uniformity in order to compare platforms in their efforts to combat illegal drug sales. Sen. Scott emphasized the urgency of catching these criminals and preventing drug-related deaths, particularly among young people who have access to social media apps. He cited heartbreaking stories from families who lost their child to an overdose from a drug bought through social media. The 13-page bill has received endorsements from organizations such as the National Sheriff’s Association, the Partnership for Safe Medicine, and the Major County Sheriffs of America. Sen. Scott hopes that the bill will hold both drug dealers and social media platforms accountable and prevent further loss of lives.

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