Details on UFO Reverse-Engineering Likely to Be Provided to Congress

Congress is expected to get details in the coming days about disturbing allegations from a former intelligence official about an illegal UFO crash retrieval and reverse-engineering program — though one skeptic believes it’ll be “only for show.”

Allegations by former Air Force intelligence officer David Grusch accuse the military and its defense contractors of stonewalling evidence of crashed UFOs, recovered “beings” and UFO-related deaths, the Daily Mail reports.

The outlet, citing a source with knowledge of the intelligence community’s Inspector General’s office, claims the meeting will be “only for show.”

“The IG, when he goes and briefs [the House Committee on] Oversight [and Accountability], his job… is going to be to make them feel as though they’re getting information and basically tell them nothing,” the source told the Daily Mail.

Some House Oversight members suggested in November they’d acquired “permission” to view the classified version of Grusch’s formal complaint, the source told the outlet, adding: “I do not expect that to occur.”

Grusch’s allegations were first made in detail in a classified complaint to the IG titled a “Disclosure of Urgent Concern(s); Complaint of Reprisal’ in May of 2022, according to The Debrief.

In June 2023, however, Grusch went public with the unclassified, broad strokes of his charges in interviews, first with The Debrief, then to cable news channels.

“I was informed, in the course of my official duties, of a multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse-engineering program,” Grusch told House members in July 2023.

“I made the decision, based on the data I collected, to report this information to my superiors and multiple inspectors general” under oath, “in effect becoming a whistleblower.”

In commentary for The Hill, ex-Defense Department official Marik von Rennenkampff wrote “it is extremely unlikely that multiple high-level, highly-cleared officials would falsely claim to have first-hand knowledge of myths and rumors.”

But details of that whistleblower complaint, while disclosed to cleared lawmakers on the House and Senate’s intelligence committees, have yet to be made available to lawmakers with the House Oversight committee, the Daily Mail noted.

Florida GOP Rep. Anna Paulina Luna in November 2023 said plans were in place for her and other House Oversight members to finally review the classified details of Grusch’s complaint.

“Referencing Grusch, I know that there was many questions in regards to what was happening with his current IG report and whether or not we were able to receive access to that information,” she said at the time, the Daily Mail reported. “We were previously denied this. We have now received permission from him directly to …review that information.’

But a direct look is unlikely, the Daily Mail reported, citing an unnamed insider at the IG.

“I don’t think there’s going to be a whole lot to come out of this,’ the unnamed source told the outlet. “What I expect to occur — and I could be completely wrong — is you’re going to see those people [House Oversight] walk out into the hallway and give a press conference saying that they’re mad that they can’t get access to it.”

Over the past year, a bipartisan group of Oversight Committee members, led by Tennessee GOP Rep. Tim Burchett, has sought more details on UFOs, including last July’s open hearing and a closed-door meeting in the fall with representatives of the Department of Defense’s own Office of the Inspector General.

Few have gone into detail on the expected material to be covered in the top secret UFO hearing, the Daily Mail reported

Grusch won’t attend, Burchett’s spokesperson told UFO researcher Douglas Dean Johnson, the Daily Mail reported.

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