Rep. Aderholt speaks to Newsmax about Democratic senators facing pressure on border reform

Rep. Robert Aderholt, one of 60 House Republicans traveling to the southern border last week with Speaker Mike Johnson, said Sunday on Newsmax that he hopes the trip will help put pressure on the Democrat-controlled Senate to move forward on legislation already passed in the House.

“I can tell you that the Democrats are hearing from their constituents as well that something needs to be done, and hopefully we’re just putting a little bit of more light on this to show that,” the Alabama Republican said on Newsmax’s “Sunday Agenda.”

In video footage from the visit, which took place in Eagle Pass, Texas, immigrants can be seen flowing across the border, and “something needs to be done,” Aderholt said.

“This is apart from the fact that we’re having problems with fentanyl,” he said. “One of the sheriffs that was down there explained to us that it’s like a 747 crashes every day in the United States of America. That’s the equivalent of the deaths that occur from fentanyl that’s coming across our borders. If a 747 was crashing every day in this country, you know that everyone would be alarmed.”

Further, there is the issue with human trafficking, including sex trafficking, said Aderholt.

“The cartels make approximately $32 million a week on illegals that are coming through the border,” he said. “Something’s got to be done. If our borders are not secure, our nation is not secure, and that’s why we’ve got to act when we get back to work this week.”

Aderholt further commented that next week, the House Judiciary Committee is looking toward seeking the impeachment of Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in connection with the problems at the border.

“I am not on the Judiciary Committee but I understand that they are moving forward on that as quickly as possible,” said Aderholt. “The problem, though, is the Biden administration. Mayorkas works for the administration. He works for the president, and he is doing what the president wants him to do.”

Still, he added, “Mayorkas’ responsibility is to try to make sure that the borders are safe and certainly that’s not being done.”

Aderholt also discussed learning that 60% to 70% of those coming across the border are adult men, not women or children.

“It’s adults, men that are coming across this country, and so many of them are there for the purposes of slave trade, working on the slave trade issue, or they’re bringing drugs into the country or helping in some way facilitate that,” he said. “If there’s someone that needs asylum that needs help, I will be the first one to say let’s give them help, but this is going well beyond that and being abused.”

Aderholt further discussed the Supreme Court’s decision to take up former President Donald Trump’s appeal of a Colorado Supreme Court decision to remove him from that state’s presidential primary ballot.

“I can’t imagine that the Supreme Court would allow states to take a candidate off the ballot,” Aderholt said. “That is just nonsense…the president has not even been convicted of anything, so it’s just really politics.”

The case, though, is helping Trump because the American people “see through this and are very frustrated,” he said.

“I am convinced that the Supreme Court will do the right thing, and at the end of the day, they will say that a state does not have the right or some of secretary of state from a particular state can make the decision just to put take someone off the ballot because they feel that they’re not qualified,” said Aderholt.


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