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According to Axios, House Democrats are diverging from the “Bidenomics” messaging.

The publication reported that House Democrats are now divided on how to communicate about the economy to the electorate, even after a sustained campaign from the White House. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and House Majority PAC are also avoiding the messaging on social media and press releases due to polling indicating its ineffectiveness.

A senior Democratic leadership aide told Axios that during a meeting this past summer, House Democrats decided to stick with the messaging of ‘People Over Politics’ instead of ‘Bidenomics’ as their economic messaging strategy.

Sources within the Democratic party have expressed concerns that the term ‘Bidenomics’ is not resonating with economically struggling voters and is associated with Biden’s unfavorable polling numbers. Some feel that the term is too philosophical or complex for voters to comprehend.

Despite this, Democrats plan to maintain the core economic policies associated with “Bidenomics” in their 2024 campaign strategies, as stated in a post from the president.

After reports of record-high inflation in the United States in June last year, the White House introduced “Bidenomics” to reframe the president’s economic record in a positive light. However, after failing to connect with voters on the term, Biden has stopped using it in his speeches.

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