NYC Council rejects alternative budgets as non-viable options

Mayor Adams is cutting agency spending to balance the budget, while the City Council’s proposal is to spend reserve funds meant for a true crisis and increase taxes.

This plan is worse than Adams’ failure to fully budget for illegal-migrant costs. He was hoping President Biden would cover the costs or reconsider his policies.

The council’s plan is to kick New York’s economy while it’s down. Finance Committee chief Justin Brannan would end or reduce tax breaks and increase fines and fees.

Tapping into the city’s rainy-day fund would only be a short-term solution and wouldn’t address the recurring spending causing budget deficits.

City spending has increased by 52% over the last decade, with no clear benefits. Additionally, people across all classes are leaving the city due to high taxes, crime, dysfunctional schools, and deteriorating quality of life caused by misguided progressive policies.

If the City Council wants to help, they should consider cuts such as reducing subsidies for city retirees’ health plans and ending the “replace Rikers” project. They should also look for ways to reduce spending on migrants.

There needs to be action to earn their $148,500-a-year salaries.

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