Ken Cuccinelli tells Newsmax: DeSantis Campaign aims for a “Leaner” Approach

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Ken Cuccinelli, founder of the Never Back Down PAC, defended Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ decision to downsize his GOP presidential campaign. Cuccinelli argued that the campaign was right to become leaner and take a more insurgent approach. DeSantis’ campaign recently cut over 40% of its staff after conducting a top-to-bottom review and determining that the organization was bloated. While DeSantis has struggled in the 2024 primary, trailing former President Donald Trump by nearly 37 percentage points, Cuccinelli expressed loyalty to DeSantis and pledged to support him throughout the primary season. Cuccinelli emphasized that the Never Back Down PAC is committed to electing DeSantis as president and getting him reelected. Overall, Cuccinelli believes that the downsizing of the campaign was a necessary step to improve its chances in the primary race.

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