Morgan: Democrats’ Deceptive Summer ‘Love’ for Defense

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Democrats in Washington have taken a sudden interest in “military readiness,” positioning themselves as champions of the Pentagon and defenders of the military industrial complex. This shift began when Senator Tommy Tuberville blocked promotions for officers above the rank of brigadier general and rear admiral, in protest against the Biden administration’s new abortion policy. The administration, following the leaked Supreme Court decision on Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, instructed executive agencies to find ways to fund abortion. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin declared that access to abortion is a “readiness issue” and announced that the Defense Department would pay for travel and additional leave for service members seeking an abortion. This policy change, made without congressional debate or oversight, has been met with opposition from Senator Tuberville and other Republicans. Democrats, on the other hand, support the policy and argue that Tuberville’s blockade jeopardizes national security. However, critics point out that the policy creates a hostile work environment for pregnant servicewomen who want to keep their babies. They argue that the Democrats’ newfound love for the military is merely a political ploy.

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