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OAN Deven Berryhill
UPDATED 1:10 PM PT – Thursday, March 2, 2023

California Governor Gavin Newsom took offense on Wednesday about a San Diego Federal judge’s “scared straight” approach with a 13-year-old daughter of a defendant.

As Gavin Newsom continues his unofficial run for the White House, the governor came out again on Twitter ranting about the injustices of California judges.  This week the governor put his “Johnny-come-lately” sights on United States District Judge Roger Benitez.

On March 1st, the San Diego Union Tribune reported that during a court hearing on February 13th, Judge Benitez ordered a defendant’s 13-year-old daughter to be handcuffed in court in an attempt to “scare her straight.”

According to the court transcript, Benitez ordered the handcuffing in response to a comment made by the defendant voicing his concern that his daughter was going down the same path of drug abuse.  The handcuffing exercise was reported to have brought the girl to tears.

The father’s defense attorney described the incident as “psychologically damaging and harmful.”

The act resulted in a misconduct complaint being filed against Benitez, which will be reviewed later by a higher court. 

Some have seen Newsom’s recent tweet as another attempt to fire off at all the judges who he has labeled “zealots.”

“[Those judges are] hellbent on a deranged vision of guns for all,” said the governor.

Critics of Newsom have said that the 2-term governor has taken every opportunity to go after Benitez, especially after the judge overturned California’s ban on assault weapons two years ago.

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