NPR CEO Maher, Facing Challenges, Contributed to Abrams’ PAC in 2020

Before becoming the NPR chief, Katherine Maher donated $500 to Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight PAC and other Democrats, as per Federal Elections Commissions records.

Recent reports have highlighted Maher’s donations alongside scrutiny over her social media posts criticizing former President Donald J. Trump and supporting liberal causes.

Stacey Abrams established Fair Fight in 2018 following her loss in the Georgia governor race, aiming to advocate for fair elections in Georgia and nationwide.

The controversy at NPR emerged when a senior editor penned an essay criticizing the broadcaster’s leadership for allowing liberal bias in its coverage, potentially eroding trust with its audience.

Uri Berliner mentioned in the essay that “people at every level of NPR have comfortably coalesced around the progressive worldview.”

Following criticism from Maher, Berliner announced his resignation on Wednesday.

Various media outlets are now scrutinizing Maher for her past remarks and donations, including the $500 contribution made in 2020.

In a piece by David Mastio from The Center Square, he highlighted Abrams’ election-related actions following her refusal to concede the governor’s race, alleging false voting machine claims and a dismissed lawsuit filed by Fair Fight that led to paying the state’s legal fees.

NPR spokeswoman Isabel Lara defended Maher’s right to free speech as a private citizen at the time of the donation and affirmed her current commitment to NPR’s ethics and newsroom independence.

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