Rep. Roy Tells Newsmax: DeSantis Will Win Iowa Voters with His Strong Work Ethic

Rep. Chip Roy, a key surrogate for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign in Iowa, said Sunday that the campaign’s workers and the voters, not the polls, will determine the winner in Monday’s caucuses.

“We’re covering all the ground, doing all the hard work that you need to do to earn votes in Iowa,” the Texas Republican said on Newsmax’s “Sunday Report,” while dismissing a Des Moines Register/NBC News poll released Saturday showing former President Donald Trump 48% and with former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, ahead of DeSantis, by 20% to 16%.

“That’s missing the entire story that’s underneath all of it which is that basically 50% of her support is coming from Democrats and independents,” said Roy. “She does not have the energy on the ground. The fact is, Gov. DeSantis does. He was out campaigning all day yesterday. His mom was knocking on doors…I got a car in St Louis after [a flight] back from Capitol Hill was canceled in the morning. I drove eight hours through a snowstorm to get back to Des Moines the night before last.”

DeSantis, he added, “delivered for everybody in Florida and we want him to be able to deliver for everybody in this country.”

And even if DeSantis doesn’t have a good showing in the caucus, “he’s in it to win it,” said Roy.

“He’s going to have a very strong performance on Monday,” he said. “We have no doubt about that. These polls are not reflective of what’s actually happening on the ground.”

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, who has also given DeSantis her backing, is a “rock star in Iowa” who has done a “great job” stumping for him, Roy added.

Roy also said he believes DeSantis can bring home a victory against Trump.

“You saw how tired and haggard President Trump looked flying in last night, and he hasn’t even been campaigning,” said Roy. “He didn’t even show up. He hasn’t shown up to a single debate…he thinks he should be anointed. The people of Iowa know better.”


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